Torrey Pines Transportation of San Diego, CA makes Green Commitment

Torrey Pines Transportation Demonstrates Environmental Leadership

Torrey Pines Transportation is the first Green Ride Global Member in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA –  Torrey Pines Transportation, a chauffeured transportation company serving the San Diego, CA area, has designed a carbon reduction strategy aimed at achieving greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions from their fleet through fuel efficiency and the transition to new technologies.

As a Gold Member of Green Ride Global (GRG) – a firm that creates and
implements environmental sustainability programs for the ground transportation
industry – Torrey Pines Transportation is committed to evolving operations toward
environmental sustainability. Their environmental program includes the following:

A comprehensive environmental policy that identifies and addresses the reduction of potential environmental impacts from all areas of business operations ISO 14001-compliant Environmental Management System

  • Fleet GHG Inventory
  • Ongoing measurement and monitoring of fleet GHG emissions
  • Transition to the latest low-carbon vehicles and fuels
  • Ongoing monitoring and enforcement of GHG emissions reductions
    including responsible driving practice across the entire fleet
  • Greening of the supply chain
  • Fleet GHG emissions reporting

Learn more about Torrey Pines Transportation:

About Green Ride Global:

Green Ride Global (GRG) creates and implements third-party verified environmental sustainability programs for the transportation industry, with a focus on chauffeured ground transportation companies. Its programs cause real and measurable reductions in their clients’ greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprints. GRG’s team provides tailored environmental solutions, strategic sales and marketing tools, and
auditable reports showing progress toward environmental sustainability.  GRG member companies are promoted based on their environmental leadership and readiness to the corporate travel managers and meeting & event industry through published directories, online booking platforms (, manifest optimizations software (Event Ground Global) and inside of MPI, NBTA, GMIC and ACTE.



With a global list of clients, Green Ride Global™ has become the leader in environmental sustainability programming designed specifically for the chauffeured ground transportation industry. Our mission is to ensure our members exceed the environmental expectations and RFP requirements of their clients by way of Carbon Accounting™. Entry into Green Ride Global's environmental sustainability program enables us to measure, manage, reduce and report on your transportation company's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
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