Pure Luxury Transportation’s Unwavering Environmental Commitment

Four Years of Traveling on the Green Road

Pure Luxury Transportation, a chauffeured ground transportation company servicing Sonoma County, Napa Valley, and the Greater Bay Area, has an ongoing commitment to environmental progress of their entire business operations and is continuously recognized for their efforts.

Over the past four years, Pure Luxury Transportation has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions produced by their vehicles, electricity and waste diversion through staff and chauffeur behavior modification, strict anti-idling policies and the use of alternative fuels.

Over the full year of 2010, Pure Luxury Transportation has reduced their environmental footprint, on a per-vehicle basis, by 2% and their fleet performance has steadily improved by 0.6% annually since the 2008 baseline year.

With their energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling programs, Pure Luxury Transportation has saved over 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2010 alone.

Thanks in part to their dedication to sustainability, Pure Luxury Transportation was named 2010 Best Transportation Service Provider by Meetings & Events Magazine.

Pure Luxury Transportation has also just been awarded Best of Wine Tourism Services for 2012, in recognition from Great Wine Capitals Global Network San Francisco/Napa Valley 2012 Regional Best of Wine Tourism Awards. Not only did the judges award Pure Luxury Transportation for their outstanding level of service, but also for their aggressive environmental policies and initiatives as a green ground transportation provider.

“Our environmental commitments remain a huge priority among our business operations” said Jennifer Buffo, COO of Pure Luxury Transportation. “We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and this is evident through our continued annual emissions reductions and the recognition we receive in our local market for our environmental efforts.”

As part of Pure Luxury Transportation’s ongoing strategy, they continue to measure, manage and monitor their GHG emissions, transform vehicle operation standards through the enforcement of reduced vehicle idle times, reduced speed limits and reduced accelerations, and continue to research and implement alternative fuels, as well as continue their transition to next-generation hybrids and diesel vehicles.

Learn more about Pure Luxury Transportation: http://www.pureluxury.com/



With a global list of clients, Green Ride Global™ has become the leader in environmental sustainability programming designed specifically for the chauffeured ground transportation industry. Our mission is to ensure our members exceed the environmental expectations and RFP requirements of their clients by way of Carbon Accounting™. Entry into Green Ride Global's environmental sustainability program enables us to measure, manage, reduce and report on your transportation company's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
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